There can be no doubt that now more than ever is the time for those engaged in the education of children and young people to take stock and consider what sort of world we are preparing our young citizens for.

As the combination of the fourth industrial revolution and the recent challenges of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic begin to stretch how and when learning happens, national schooling systems will need to be increasingly adaptive and agile with consequent shifts and changes to the content and delivery of what happens in our classrooms – whatever and wherever those classrooms may be.

The Staff College has been actively engaged in promoting international dialogue on addressing the question “What is the purpose of Schooling?” In particular, we have been concerned with creating opportunities for policy makers, practitioners and researchers to come together and consider this question and then reflect on what sort of schooling arrangements are required to meet that purpose.As its contribution to this dialogue, The College is developing the Schooling for The Future Series; a suite of academic and practical resources in three distinct focus areas:

• Future Schooling;
• Inclusive Schooling;
• Community Schooling.

To help in this task, we have invited a number of key thinkers to join us in creating our materials. They bring international standing in their respective fields of research and authoritative practical experience of working directly with schools and policy makers.
Our aim is for the series to collectively provide new insight, challenge thinking, stimulate discussion and support innovation and change in both policy and practice.

Anton Florek, Series Editor, The Staff College.